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Fine ARTichoke Tiffiny Shults

"You Really Do Matter" 9.5x11.5 Word Art on Paper

"You Really Do Matter" 9.5x11.5 Word Art on Paper

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This measures 9.5x11.5" including the frame.  It is typed word art printed onto handmade, archival paper. Frame is refurbished and hand-gilded.  This would work beautifully as a piece in a gallery wall, or as a standalone piece where people will pass and read it often,

Story behind the art:  When kids come to my house to play with my kids or do an art project, almost always they are drawn to my old, electric typewriter! One day a darling little girl named Caroline was at my house busy in the art room.  When she left, I found this sweet message still in the typewriter.  Children are so inspired and genuine.  These tender words were like a warm hug and I wanted to share her sweet message.  Originally she typed them onto regular typing paper.  I have printed them onto handmade acid-free paper so the message can withstand the test of time.  Thank you Caroline for your sweet message!

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