Tiffiny Pinnell Shults bio

When I was a kid there were three things I wanted to be when I grew up: a veterinarian, a geologist (like my dad), and an artist.

Today I collect rocks, have lots of pets, and I do a lot of art!  The majority of my art experience is simply from diving in.  In the olden days I'd go to the library to learn, and now the internet is my art teacher! And I see art in everything around me. 

For me a big part of art is creating a cozy home and making/finding one of a kind and handmade decorations.  I've become quick at spotting the proverbial "diamond in the rough". 

ultimately, though, my most favorite thing is my family--my husband and four kiddos.  And I love where we live in Alpine, Utah.  

Birds' eye view of Alpine, sweet Alpine.

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