Would you like to create a gallery wall in your home?

When people come to my home, I am often asked about how I put together my gallery wall:

What's funny is that my wall has never been "finished." In fact if you look close you'll see there are empty frames and "filler" canvases painted a solid color with no art yet.  And there's not much rhyme or reason to the whole thing. But for some reason people really like it.  Perhaps it's because it's a bold expression of me and my artistic family.  Aren't we all going for a our homes to tell the stories of who we are?  Even if our styles are nothing alike, the desire to give our homes our unique signature is so relatable!

So if you'd like to create a gallery wall, I have MANY ideas...but to begin with maybe consider these:

Tip #1 If you don't really know how you want to do it, perhaps a "picture ledge" wall would be a great solution!  This way you can be constantly adding to and/or swapping out the pieces as you collect them, so you can start NOW instead of waiting until you have "everything." You can include empty frames you love and add/switch out art in as you find it.  If you search "picture ledge ideas" in Pinterest you will fine MANY great ideas in every style!  Here's one of my favorites:


Find the link here.

Tip #2 ALL YOUR FRAMES DON'T HAVE TO MATCH.  If look closely at my gallery wall, none of the frames match! Which I now think is the "theme" I didn't realize I was going for! But for a more organized feel you could use all matching frames.  Or create a color theme such as black and gold frames. Or go for mismatched frames all painted the same color.  Pinterest is your friend here...try seaching "gallery wall" and you will be overwhelmed with good ideas!

Tip #3 3M COMMAND PICTURE HANGING STRIPS ARE AWESOME!  I use these A LOT for hanging frames with no damage to the wall.  I've heard these don't work as well on textured walls and I've also had a few heavier frames fall over time.  So these command strips may not be a fixall solution, but they are sure handy for gallery walls!

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  • Make art from things you already own.

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