At Fine Artichoke we think outside the proverbial fruit basket!

Have you ever stepped into a home and felt captivated by the energy and ambiance emanating from every corner? Have you wondered--"How did they do this?" or "Do I have to be a designer to make my home feel this way??"

We happen to believe that there are many tricks that anyone can do to to add that magnetic personal touch to a home--to take it to the next level of Wow-ness!   

We'd love to help you on your creative home journey!  While we do offer a collection of unique art and accessories for sale, even more-so we love to share ideas and inspiration for you to find, DIY, or discover in your own home the pieces that will uplevel your space and prompt your friends to ask "Where did you find that?" or even better... "Can you teach me how to do that?" 

Stop here if you're ready to jump in and see what we currently have for sale or explore some DIY ideas

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We happen to believe that art is not just what's in your frame--the frame itself is art! Each of our frames is either handmade, antique or refurbished. We pair works of art with the perfect frame, making every piece one-of-a-kind. And we share DIY framing ideas!

In addition to original art, we sell vintage art and accessories.  We LOVE vintage and antique because THEY ADD SO MUCH CHARACTER!  Not to mention they stir up that nostalgic childhood vibe. We will be sharing tips and tricks on how you can do your own treasure finding. And whenever possible we share the story behind each piece because stories somehow amplify all that awesome-ness!

Lastly, you know those one-of-a-kind accent pieces and finishing touches you need to tie it all together?  To make that cohesive feel from room to room? We are always finding those along our own journey and make them available to you as well.  You may find the one that perfectly compliments and tie your home together.

With all that being said, we know it's still hard to know how and where to begin.  So we will keep on sharing our tips and ideas from years of trial and error.  If there's anything specific you want to dive into here let us know!  

 So, whether you're looking to add a big dose of personality your home, find the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply get your creative on, we invite you to explore our little shop. Prepare to be inspired, delighted, and maybe even a little bit surprised. Welcome to Fine Artichoke, where art, ideas, and nostalgia collide!

  • Paint by Number

    Consider Trying this time proven technique

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  • Try painting on top of an existing print or painting

    This is a great way to try out painting with most of the hard part already done.

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  • Make art from things you already own.

    You probably have potential art all around you! Here are some ideas of how to frame things you already have.

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