Want to Do a No-Fail Real Painting? Try Paint-By-Numbers!

Want to Do a No-Fail Real Painting? Try Paint-By-Numbers!

What is Paint by Numbers?

  • This simplified approach to painting allows anyone to unleash their creativity regardless of talent or experience. Paint by numbers is an inexpensive kit that includes a pre-printed canvas with numbered sections, corresponding paint colors, and brushes. Each number on the canvas corresponds to a specific color, making it easy to follow along and create a beautiful piece of art. 

Use a Pre-made Kit or Have a Custom Kit Made From a Favorite Photo

Did you know that there are hundreds of beautiful already made paint by number kits out there? Do a little search and find one that speaks to you.   Here's one I love.

But even better--you can order a CUSTOM paint by number kit  from a favorite photograph? How cool is that! The kit comes with everything you need!Here's one my mom (who has never painted before) was working on for my dad from a photo at their grandson's wedding.  She loved the photograph and had a kit made. There are multiple companies that make these custom kits.  I found etsy to be a great resource for this.

Here's one I did from an Amazon order.  Confession...It was about 8 years after I purchased the kit that I finally painted it.

How to Get Started 

To begin your paint by numbers journey, simply follow these steps:

  1. Set up your workspace with good lighting and a flat surface.
  2. Match the numbered paint colors to the corresponding sections on the canvas.
  3. Start painting by filling in each section with the designated color.
  4. Allow the paint to dry between colors to prevent smudging.
  5. Display your finished masterpiece for all to admire!

Whether you're looking for a new hobby, a creative outlet, or a unique gift idea, paint by numbers is a fantastic choice. Embrace the simplicity and beauty of this art form and watch your creativity flourish!

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