Commission Us to Turn Your Child's Art into an Original Framed Masterpiece!

 Kid art makes some of the BEST art!  Kids are fearless and unapologetic with creativity and that makes their art amazing! 

We can preserve your child's masterpiece by painting it onto a canvas of any size and customizing the colors to whatever you choose. Or you can do it yourself, and here's an idea of one way that works great.

To see the process we use, take a look at "Fox With a Sword" by my daughter Alee when she was six.  The original was done with a blue marker and was about 6x6".


I photocopied the original into a bigger size to fit a beautiful frame I picked out.  I then used carbon paper (remember carbon paper?) to trace it onto an 8X10 canvas that I prepainted a dark maroon (a projector works great for this, especially for large pieces).

Once I had the outlines, I custom selected my acrylic paint colors to match my rlivingoom. Then I added the background colors as well as a title, date and artist.  Finally it went in the antique frame.


And into my gallery wall!  Doesn't it look like some amazing piece of modern art mixed in with the others?


We can do this with any of your children's art.  One of my favorites is family portraits drawn by kids.  Kid art is the best!

Prices start at $75 for a 5x7" unframed and go up depending on size and complexity. We can do any size up to 16x20, or bigger sizes for local pickup. We can also frame the art for an additional fee. Or if you have a frame you'd like to use we can custom cut and paint on a board to fit your frame.

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  • Try painting on top of an existing print or painting

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  • Make art from things you already own.

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