The Process of Creating a Painting of a Home from a Photograph

The Process of Creating a Painting of a Home from a Photograph

What are your best childhood memories?  Chances are you thought of your grandparents' home.  How would you like to have a painting of your grandparents' home or your childhood home or the first home you shared as a married couple?  If you are going to add art to your home MAKE IT ART THAT HAS GREAT MEANING TO YOU!  

This is a photo of my grandparents' house in Whittier, California.  They bought it in the 1940's and while my grandpa passed away in 1980, my grandma stayed in the home until the early 2000s when she moved to be closer to family.  I have wonderful memories of this home and have missed visiting there. So when I came across the old photo of the home I was excited to paint it and add it to the art in my home.

First step was to cut a board to the size I wanted, I went with a 4x6". I primed the board with a dark color and used pencil to sketch the scene in.  I then began to paint in the first layer.

Here it is finished up and ready for a frame, then framed and on display.

In addition to painting a sentimental home, consider having a painting of just the front or back porch, or the tree house, or the field where you used to play.  If you have a photo of it, we can paint it for you!

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