Studio View: Mia Cabana

Fine Artichoke Printmaker Mia Cabana lives in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she’s a children’s librarian. She is also the maker of many, many fine things, including her stitched prints for sale here on FA. Her secret lair, where she sheds her librarian duds for those of craft-maven, also happens to be her pantry. “I love my studio in a pantry because everything is so close-range,” she explains, “I also prefer to sew standing up, so the counter height is perfect for my sewing machine. The pantry is just wide enough that I can set up my ironing board in it, and built in shelves and drawers are so convenient! But my favorite part is the little pass-through window on the right that looks into the kitchen. It makes it easy to have a conversation with anyone eating or cooking in there and keeps me from feeling isolated when I’ve been working in there alone. It’s also nice that a cup of tea is only ever an arms’ length away!”

The kitchen items that keep Mia company in her pantry studio also venture out with her for shows and fairs, serving as bins and paperweights. “As you can see from the display, my love of kitchen things tends to overlap into every crafty project I do! The idea of using my cutlery was originally to weight down the prints in case it got blustery at the outdoor show, but I also like them aesthetically. My grandfather was a silversmith for Reed and Barton (who made this set of cutlery) so it is a nice connection to my artistic heritage, too!”

Mia produced her set of prints, Pear, Cabbage, Four(ks), exclusively for Fine Artichoke in her pantry paradise, and you can buy them right here. Frame them as a set, give them away as gifts, or keep them wherever you go to get inspired.

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