John Welles Bartlett

John Welles Bartlett was born in San Francisco and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His recent work is mostly large woodcuts. He prints on paper and also shows the carved blocks themselves. He received a M.F.A. from Pratt Institute and works as a printer for Pace Editions / Watanabe Press.

Megan Berk

Megan Berk was born in Los Angeles and now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She received her M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, where she completed a body of work dealing with the fading, idealized landscapes of Palm Springs, California. Her paintings have been shown at Brenda Taylor Gallery and Bowman/Bloom Gallery in New York.

John Holcomb

John Holcomb is a midwestern kid, born and raised in Kansas. He currently lives and works in the greater Topeka area as a full-time artist. His work has caught the eye of Food Network Magazine; they featured his series of “tastefully-designed prints” in their December 2009 issue.

Douglas Padgett

Douglas Padgett is from the Midwest. He studied art at the John Herron Institute, Purdue University, and the BFA Painting program at Indiana University. Mr.Padgett lived on Cape Cod for several years before moving to New York City, where he now lives and works. He has shown work recently at NM Studio and Derek Eller Gallery, both in New York, the Brooklyn Museum and the Schoolhouse Center for Art & Design in Provincetown, Massachussetts.

Alison Sahmel

Alison Sahmel lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She attended Pratt Institute and received her Master’s of Fine Arts Degree in Printmaking. She currently works as a chromist for Pace Editions. Her work has been exhibited at Nurture Art and the International Print Center, New York.

Madeleine Stern

Madeleine Stern hails from Washington, DC,and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She earned a BA from Oberlin College in 2004 and an MFA from Pratt Institute in 2008.

Sarah Stern

A native of sunny Los Angeles, Sarah Stern is a New York artist living in Brooklyn and working in Manhattan. For the past five years she has worked at Penguin as a children’s book designer. An art major in college, Sarah works in a range of styles and mediums, silk-screen printmaking being her newest and most exciting discovery.

Adam Turman

Adam Turman lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He would like you to know the following: “True story: A breakthrough for me was figuring out that if you are using markers to draw a cheetah, put the black down last. I wasted a lot of yellow markers befo